Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation: How to

Hello, everyone here with another quick tutorial. How to fix Windows audio device graph isolation process is taking up. An unusual amount of CPU or memory usage on your Windows computer.

So should hopefully be a pretty straightforward process and without further ado let’s go ahead and jump right into it.

Step to Fix the windows audio device graph isolation Problem:

So we are starting by right-clicking on our taskbar and then select task manager want to select the process tab.

It’s not the default tab and we are gonna go and just sort by alphabetically here. Or you could do a reverse alphabetical search as well.

And we want to go ahead and locate the windows audio device graph isolation here.

Now you want to open up the Start menu type in the control panel. And go back to the control panel go ahead and left-click on that.

You can also minimize the task manager as well. And you want to see your view by either large or small icons and then select the sound option.


You whatever current option you have any playback so whatever device. You are currently using you want a hold on that. And then select properties select the enhancements tab checkmark or assist disabled all enhancements.

And then what people want to apply and ok once done with that. So it’s ok again and going back to the task manager.

And see if that lowers your memory usage for that particular process here. Which we can see if we go right to the audio device graph isolation.

It’s barely taking of anything that’s only about one megabyte of RAM and 0% CPU. So pretty straightforward process here. Guys do hope I was able to help you out. If you have any problem write down the comment below we will solve it.

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