unable to initialize steam API: How to Solve

In this tutorial, we will learn how to fix unable to initialize steam API on Windows. This issue of unable to initialize the steam API on the pass.

It is really simple just go to this website and this site and you need to just go and click on that link. And you will be redirected here once you are here just scroll down below.

And here we need to download the dll file. Here you can see we have only a 32-bit dll file. So you need to download any version of that so try to download the latest one. So for example, this seems to be the latest one in here.

Just go and click on download so it would take us to this screen that is steam API. And it will start downloading in few moments.

So here click on start download so we have completely to the download. Now you need to check what kind of system you have is it 32-bit or is it at 64-bit.

So for that what you need to do is just go. And open your Explorer and here right-click on your This PC. And click on properties and in the properties against the system tab. You can see what kind of system you have so I have a 64-bit operating system.

So now go to your downloads we will solve the problem for 32-bit as well as 64-bit operating systems.

So in the compressed, you can see we have this steam API extracted. Click on ok and here we are now what we need to do is just go.

And open it and copy this dll file first we would solve the problem for 32-bit operating systems for that just go and open.

Your local disk C or wherever you have installed your windows and here go to windows scroll down below and search for system 32.

So here we have system 32 open it and paste the pay’s the dll file here. Pasted here click on continue.

Let’s go back we have solved the problem for the 32-bit operating system. Now we would solve the problem for 64-bit operating systems.

So here we are first copy the dll file go to your Windows folder and here paste the dll file in a folder with the name of sis Wow 64.

Here we paste here click on continue. Now go back and paste this dll file in system 32 as well they start here.

Now the problem has been solved for 64-bit operating systems as well so hopefully it has helped you.

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