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About Website Links Count Checker

What is the Links Count Checker Tool?

It is the modern SEO tool that's offered by the WEBWOOB. This Website Links Count Checker tool is employed to count the number of links on a selected page of a website.

External links have key importance for the website's success because it directly related to the standard of the site and content present thereon. Webmaster uses this tool to count the external links so they check the standard of the positioning. Search engines like Google don't just like the business enterprise of too several outgoing links as a result that it will punish the website.

Why use this tool?

Webmaster uses this tool to visualize the external links on a selected page of the site to extend the standard of the web site. This web site links counter tool conjointly saves them from long and headache work that is to seek out advertisement links. it'll conjointly economize for the webmaster that they're attending to pay on the acquisition of those advertisement links from the service supplier.

It is an awfully simple and easy tool everybody will use this tool. you are doing not want any advanced or technical data to use it and to grasp it. it's used for link exchange functions. it's counseled that don't exchange links with pages having links quite fifty.

How will it work?

When you enter the URL of the web site, it'll begin analyzing and finding the links, gift on every specific page, and provides ends up in no time. It tells that what percentage outgoing links area unit gift on a selected page and area unit they moving the standard of the web site.

The quality or skilled look is one that's on the amount one position in SEO. If your web site doesn't have quality content or links and isn't wanting skilled, then you can not even index by the search engines.

It is counseled that webmasters ought to need to use some links solely that area unit specific by the search engine if you employ quite the counseled links range then your website can not be indexed properly or is fined by the site.

But by mistreatment, this website Links Count Checker tool forestall your site and enhance its quality and skilled appearance.

How to use this website Links Counter Tool offered by the WEBWOOB?

WEBWOOB is that the best tool station wherever you'll get a lot of tools for the SEO of your website, and every one of these tools area unit 100% operating and reliable.

  • Select the web site Links Counter Tool.
  • Enter a URL or paste URL.
  • Click on Submit Button.
  • Check Your website Links Result.
  • Try a new URL to analyze another web site.

It is very easy to use this Website Links Counter Tool, simply paste the entire URL of your website and click on on the submit choice. it'll offer the results of outgoing links on your web page. you'll compare your website along with your competitor's site by tally the links on your site and his site. it'll assist you to contend along with your competitors and beat them in this regard.