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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL is one of his own to enhance the usability of the site and to create is search friendly. URL is employed to indicate the desired data to the user. however it's powerful to recollect the long or difficult URL, and it's conjointly not clear on mobile. so Webmasters use URL rewriting tool to rewrite the URL into an easy and easy to remember URL.

What is a URL rewriting Tool?

It is one of the advanced tools offered by the WEBWOOB. perhaps you already have access to your URL rewriting module. however, if you are doing not have access to the thereto module it's the best tool on the market in market to rewrite the address of your website.

This tool helps you to convert your long and complex URL into a short and easy one which will have an honest impact on the location. it's the best online available tool which will do your work quickly and in very smooth means.

Why use this tool?

If you have got a long and complex URL for your website or a page that search is done then you'll lose the users as they can't keep in mind long URLs and face problems searching out the post.

This tool can assist you to offer your purchasers honest expertise. It helps in delivering what they require by shortening the URL of the site. It permits you to rewrite your page address and create it simple so most individuals get what they want.

These Rewritten static URLs area unit dynamic as a result of this area unit simple to recollect and therefore the user will simply marker it and have high probabilities of returning of the user to the page.

URLs that are rewritten by exploitation this tool has conjointly competed vital in SEO and show initial numbers in search engines. it's so as a result of search engines like things that area unit without delay available for the people.

You do not get to waste it slowly to edit your URL on your own because it can help you by giving suggestions and you'll use them and might save your time.

It is a really reliable tool and offers results in no time.

How does the URL rewriting tool works?

This URL rewriting tool is one of the most effective tools offered by the WEBWOOB. you are doing not need any technical education to use this tool because it is a very simple and easy tool.

This tool can generate code that you simply will use to rewrite your page URL and create it user search-friendly, and it'll automatically become search engine friendly.

How to use this tool offered by the WEBWOOB?

  • This tool can change you to rewrite the dynamic URL into a static one. it's terribly simple to use the URL rewriting Tool.
  • You need to make a .htaccess file for this purpose. when making the file paste the generated code into it.
  • You can produce code by simply pasting your dynamic page URL into the given box and click on submit.
  • After pasting the code into the .htaccess file simply place or copy it into your file directory.
  • Try a new URL.