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About RGB to Hex

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Here’s a state of affairs you'll most likely relate to:

You are within the middle of making an HTML or CSS webpage, whether that be for a blog, associate eCommerce landing page, or a full-fledged website. you recognize precisely the colors you would like to use on bound sections of the page, however, the matter is that ar square measure obtainable to you merely within the RGB color model.

What do you have to do to induce the precise same colors in HTML codes in order that you'll simply insert them into your creation?

The answer? Convert your RGB color to Hex.

And with our RGB to Hex color conversion tool, it's manner easier than you think!

Let’s show you the way.


What is RGB, anyway? RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. These square measure the first colors of sunshine and that they type the RGB color model.

The RGB color model is an associate additive color system (as opposition subtractive) during which red, inexperienced and blue lights square measure accessorial along at numerous proportions to breed a massive array of alternative colors.

RGB values sometimes are available on a 0-255 scale and infrequently appear as if this: RGB(0, 74, 255).

On the opposite hand, a hex code could be a manner of specifying colors victimization hex values.

The code itself could be a hex triplet, which suggests it represents 3 separate values that indicate the degree of the part colors. A hex color price is formed of a string of six or 3 characters preceded by a hash (pound sign). The string typically consists of 0-9 numbers and A-F letters.

Great examples square measure #FFFFFF that is that the hex code for white and #000000 for black.

While the RGB color model is principally wont to represent or show graphics in electronic systems like televisions, printers, and computers, hex is additional typically wont to specify colors in HTML and CSS code-powered parts like sites.

This is with reference to the sole marked distinction between the two-color systems. aside from that, RGB and hex square measure simply 2 alternative ways of expressing identical things: red, green, and blue color values.


Hex color values square measure within the style of one string. If you're acting on a team with computer code engineers, strive to victimization hex color numbers as they’ll be ready to simply copy and paste the code off of a talk or email document.
If you would like to line the opacity of a colored object, RGBA provides this practicality. you'll declare red, green, and blue prices and a further value for transparency.
Hex color codes square measure additional compact, and thus square measure higher for decreased code. they'll become even additional compact by victimization solely 3 digits for a few colours (e.g #FFF), instead of the total six digits (e.g #FFFFFF).
Hex improves the load time of an internet page slightly. Computers handle binary digits, and one hex digit will simply be born-again into four binary digits, whereas decimal digits take longer to convert.
These square measure clearly a number of the explanations to convert RGB color values to hex codes.

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