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Monitor the speed of your website using this web site Page Speed test tool by WEBWOOB

As a website owner or webmaster, it's vital to check website speed because it will have an excellent impact on the overall user experience.

We all know that people have little patience once browsing on different sites, they want to urge all the data they need in a snap. this can be the reason why we have developed this free web speed test tool.

It is our aim to help website owners in analyzing the website load time and the way to improve performance. This Website Speed test tool will determine that of your pages are quick or too slow.

There are no special skills needed to use this website speed test tool because it's very easy. you will solely have to enter the URL that you need to last page speed test, click on the “Check” button, and you will get the results right away.

We wanted to provide all website owners and webmasters a really useful tool that will facilitate them in optimizing their site and to draw in more site visitors this page speed test tool.


We at WEBWOOB want to provide all our users the most efficient and reliable tools that you simply will use for search engine optimization.

Our team of developers created this page speed test tool to help all website owners in ensuring that their website guests can have better expertise once browsing their websites. website Load time is very crucial because most people have an intolerance for a slow loading page or website.

Use this website Speed test tool if you have a high bounce rate, it'll show you which pages you need to improve for easy navigation. this can be the sole thanks to keeping your visitors keep longer on your website that might also help you generate income if you're selling goods or giving services.

There are many website owners who have already experienced that they're losing tons of cash as a result of their potential clients don't seem to be staying on the site thanks to slow website load time and poor performance. the obvious reason is that they ne'er gone for page speed test and never paid any attention this website loading delay.


“Website Speed” is also known as the “Website Load Time” this refers to the amount of time that a user has to pay to point out all the content of a particular website. it's also the time that a web browser takes to get the data from the server.

Internet users don’t want to wait too long that's why website speed is one of the vital elements once it comes to classifying the page speed insights.

This website page speed test tool is the only tool you need to check whether your websites are loading quickly or not. It will offer you all the information you need that's related to website load time. This website load test tool checks different images to files.

Always remember that a website that has a faster website load time is bound to gain positive results.


We recommend all website owners use this website page speed test to find out how much time your web page usually needs to load.

Nowadays, there are many factors that can affect page speed especially with advanced options that are added to websites including:

  • Slideshows
  • Animations
  • High-quality images
  • High-resolution videos
  • External Applications etc.

Bear in mind that website load time is very important to your website visitors. Most of them would expect a website to load in only but two seconds. Otherwise, they will move on to the next website and leave the page. therefore don’t forget to use at least once this page speed test.

To prevent this from happening, you must always check your pages using this page speed test as this can help optimize your website by increasing your website visitors. as a result of the more satisfied users you get, the higher chance that you can have a good page rank.


Quality content and fast loading website speed is that the key to a website. Page speed doesn't only bring user satisfaction, however, it's also an indication of how efficient a website is once it comes to performance.

For a website owner or administrator, performing on must to make their website appealing and easy as this can help increase traffic on the site and generate revenues. This website speed test tool to increase of nice help to them especially for websites that have a high bounce rate. because regular internet speed tests offer the website owner a plan of how the website is performing on the net. The results from this site speed test will offer them all the data that they need to be able to do the necessary actions to help improve the Google page speed the necessary as overall performance.


Useful tips on how to improve the Google page speed:

Use appropriate image size – when adding pictures to your web page, they must have the appropriate size as a result of large-sized images could slow down website speed.

Use Compression Tools – there are many compression software that's available on the net these days that you can use in compressing large files. this may help you save bytes and improve page speed insights.