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Welcome to the website page size checker tool that is with pride developed and organized by WEBWOOB. This tool helps you to examine the scale of any web page. Our page size analyzing tool is quick, reliable, and liberated to use. Search engines don't love sites with a slow loading speed and it will hurt your website ranking.

If you a web developer and wish more customers to your website then take website loading time as a heavy issue. If you've got a website with slow loading then use this free and super-fast tool to investigate the loading speed of your web page. the online pages with slow loading speed will produce the problem of high bounce rate because web user has zero-tolerance for sites with slow loading time. they like only top-level and quick loading pages.

A small web page average size is close to 12 kb, with the quickest loading time. The additional pictures, videos, and different media on a page can increase the additional loading time. principally images, audio, HD graphics, flash, embedded creates the problem of slow loading speed. Our page size analyzing tool helps you to examine the scale of any web page with no time. once analyzing the separate pages you'll be able to minimize things to extend loading time.

The issue which can improve your site loading time

  • Upgrade your net hosting
  • Useless flash and HD pictures
  • Enable Gzip in Cpanel
  • Minimize CSS and Java files

How to use the page size checker tool offered by WEBWOOB?

  • To use our page size checker tool head to the page size checker tool page.
  • Type your online page URL or copy and paste the web site URL.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • The results are shown.
  • Click The "Try New URL" to examine the scale of another web site.