The Top 5 Best Anime Streaming Websites for Free (Full-HD)

There are plenty of different anime websites out there that allow you to watch anime online, but what’s the best one? One of the most well-known free anime websites to watch is Crunchyroll. Still, there are several other high-quality anime websites where you can watch anime legally and in full HD quality without paying a single cent.

The following five free anime streaming websites are some of the best content and user experience; just pick your favorite anime and start watching right away!


FuriFuri is a free anime streaming website that offers a large library of content and original English subtitles. A user interface that’s easy to navigate and the most reliable anime website to watch.

They have over a thousand episodes in their database right now, and you can stream these shows via PCs or mobile devices alike.

Their search functionality is pretty solid, too; if you can’t find what you’re looking for on Furifuri, it may not exist anywhere else! Also free!

No strings attached! It is a great place to watch all your favorites without having to make any sort of commitment whatsoever.

  • No paid subscriptions are necessary for anime websites to watch.

Our favorite free anime streaming websites are out there today when it comes to sheer quantity, and even though quality might suffer from time to time, there are enough good titles within their library that we don’t mind recommending them even at no cost.

Just remember: Free stuff usually has drawbacks somewhere down the line.


When it comes to finding new free anime websites, you can go to a streaming site such as Crunchyroll. The only problem is that these sites require a paid membership, which can be expensive depending on how many shows you want to watch.

Luckily, there’s another option. KissAnime is one of much great anime streaming websites that offer free anime with no membership required!

All you have to do now is sign up and begin watching. There are plenty of popular titles available, and they change regularly, so there will always be something fresh waiting for you at KissAnime, free anime websites!

Just make sure your computer is compatible before signing up.

Registration takes less than three minutes, so why not give it a try?

You have nothing to lose except more time wasted watching bad anime on other sites when something better was out there for free all along.

3. 9anime

These free anime websites are an excellent place to begin your search. 9anime gives users access to anime shows and movies of various genres and features.

You don’t have to pay anything to watch on 9anime, but some free anime websites videos aren’t in high definition, so you may want to continue searching if you’re looking for something specific.

Nevertheless, they offer just enough variety that you can find whatever tickles your fancy without any charge at all.

4. Soul Anime

The anime service covers over 1,000 shows and movies with a full HD experience. There are no additional costs or subscriptions.

You get access to all their content with just one click. They cover mainstream animes as well as some unknown gems from Japan.

With SoulAnime, you can watch anime on your computer and mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

  • Their database of titles is huge, so you will find something for everyone.
  • Whether you’re into action anime like Naruto or some heartwarming romance like Fruits Basket, they have it all right here in front of you at SoulAnime.

5. Hulu


Hulu is a free website and app with thousands of popular television shows, movies, original content, and even anime.

Additionally, Hulu also has a large catalog of anime. This site was launched in 2007 by Fox Interactive Media and NBC Universal. Although it’s not as big as Netflix or Crunchyroll, Hulu contains South Park and The Simpsons.

It offers English and Japanese subtitles to enjoy their favorite shows without reading hiragana or katakana.

However, sometimes it can be hard to find an episode you want to watch since many shows are season-specific. However, you can easily watch episodes on your computer with their free streaming service.

New episodes are typically released one week after they air on TV, so new episodes are always being added to the database while others are being removed.

Wrap It

These free anime streaming websites are available in Full HD. If you’re looking to watch some of your favorite shows online, but don’t want to pay a monthly subscription fee, then you should check out these sites. With that said, free anime streaming websites have tons of videos. If you know of any good ones, feel free to leave them in a comment below!

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