The Best Time to Post on TikTok [2021]

TikTok’s performances and trends are rocking the internet. If you’re wanting to make a name for yourself on TikTok, you might be thinking about when the best time is to post or upload in 2021-22.

TikTok performs an excellent job of providing each one of the users with a highly customized mix of information.

Videos suggested on the “For You” tab can come from a variety of sources, and they mostly have one thing in common: they’re all no over than a few days old.

What is the importance of posting time on TikTok?

The ideal time to post on TikTok is a primary factor for content providers. If you want to create a contributor, you need to know when you should post to TikTok.

  • Because the more individuals you can see and interact with within three hours of submitting your work, the more users will see it.
  • Because of the stronger social support from everyone else, new users are more likely to watch your content.
  • Having the correct content in front of the right audience at the right moment is what viral marketing is all about.

Overall Best Time to Post on TikTok

It’s important to know when your targeted audience is available. You should be aware of a few general facts. Users, for example, go available on the internet during their daytime lunchtime or in the early night while they are relaxing at home and viewing social media.

Here is some possible time for a post on Tiktok that may be working:

6 a.m.2 a.m.7 a.m.9 a.m.5 a.m.11 a.m.7 a.m.
10 a.m.4 a.m.8 a.m.12 p.m.1 p.m.7 p.m.8 a.m.
10 p.m.9 a.m.11 p.m7 p.m.3 p.m.8 p.m.4 p.m.

Take all of this into account when deciding how frequently you should publish on TikTok.

When is the ideal time to make a TikTok video?

Then, once you’ve determined the best moment, if you act fast and efficiently, you’ll be well on your approach to increasing your viewer’s network.

How long you should wait between two posts?

Even though it’s your perfect opportunity, you must wait 30-10 minutes for every post, according to the recent TikTok algorithm.

If you have a huge amount of followers or your post is really huge hit, Tiktok will not keep sending your videos.

This TikTok algorithm is very simple and easy to understand because it is just for all publishers.

As a result, don’t try to upload too many videos to your channel or account at once. It’s a huge waste of time, but you still can’t just get a strong following.

How to increase TikTok views to boost your profile?

  • On TikTok, what is a “view”?

Multiple social media networks track “views” in different ways, but TikTok makes it easy: a view is collected the moment your video or content begins to play.

All new views are counted whether the video auto-plays or repeats or if a viewer returns to watch it many times.

To increase your TikTok viewers and to boost your TikTok profile, I have explained the Top 10 ways as below.

1. Create a perfect profile

A profile with detailed information is more likely to gain followers than one with limited information.

Check and see if your profile matches what you publish. When users see photos of dogs on your profile, they expect videos of dogs and will follow you based on that intention.

You will most certainly lose trust and subscribers if you have a dog profile but post videos of skating stunts.

2. Insert hashtags into your videos

Using tags to your video, as easy as it may seem, may help them become extremely well known!

If you try out such a trendy singing and dancing challenge and hashtag the name of it, anybody who clicks on the hashtag will just be able to watch your video as well, improving your chances of gaining views.

Additionally, if the competition is popular, being on the trending tag will help your video keep growing.

3. Can use the ‘For You’ page

The ‘For You’ tab is the app’s primary page, where you’ll find new creators and videos customized to your interests based on what you’ve previously seen.

If you consistently upload video, a picture or two is likely to make it to the front page.

4. Start sharing on other social media sites

Users who have a following on multiple social media applications have shared their TikToks on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and others in the past to attract their online followers to it.

5. Upload the high-quality content

Viewers will become more likely to watch and start sharing your videos if you provide a high-quality viewing experience.

Investing effort in the video, such as applying filters, soundtracks, and so on, will improve your viewers!

6. Post on a regular basis

Because the Tiktok app has so much material, publishing regular images and videos will almost certainly boost your chances of receiving those views, as such videos will be more likely to be discovered and, as previously said, published on the ‘For You’ tab.

7. Engage in conversation with other TikTok users

Interacting on the TikTok app is one of the simplest ways to increase followers. Comments on other videos and interacting with your following or other users will motivate those around to visit your profile and look at your work.

8. Remember to provide a caption

In your TikTok caption, you may only have 150 characters to work with, but they may be quite useful. Your caption is also an opportunity to convince users why they must watch your video or your content on TikTok.

9. Make it short and to the point

Despite the fact that TikTok videos can already last up to three mins, those under 30 seconds are more likely to end the feature. It’s also more probable that someone will revisit a quick film a second or third time.

10. Create a TikTok Creator or TikTok Business account

if you don’t already have one.

Although TikTok’s pro accounts will not provide you a boost, both the Creator and Business accounts will provide you with stats and insights that will help you properly assess and know your following.

Switching to a TikTok Business or Creator account is easy.

To convert to a business account, click to Manage Account and click Switch to Business Account.

You’re ready to look into the data now that you’ve selected the perfect section!


Should I spend money for TikTok views?

No, TikTok views should not be purchased!

Put a stop to it!

Your views analytics may increase, but your connection rate will drop, you won’t get any following, and the viewers you come to watch you will be deleted by TikTok at some time.

It’s impossible to pay for social media success.

What is the TikTok algorithm and how does it work?

The algorithm of any application is one of the main reasons why social platforms can attract us in and keep us interested.

TikTok does not want scammers and other bad people to be able to manipulate the algorithm in order to receive more awareness than they deserve.

The TikTok algorithm is a suggestion algorithm that selects which videos display on your For You page.

On your For You tab, no two or more users will watch the exact video, and the content you see may change over time depending on your watching choices and even your present mood.

How does it work?

From TikTok, you now have access to some of the most important and primary criteria for the TikTok algorithm.

  1. Connections with users
  2. Information from a video
  3. Settings for the device and the account

The best part is for new Viewers or those who haven’t yet acquired a lot of followers. TikTok does not make suggestions based on the number of followers or earlier performance with a popular video.

TikTok accounts with much more following will automatically receive more views, even if you have just recently launched a TikTok profile, you still have a possibility of going viral.

What the algorithm doesn’t include?

The following signals are not suggested or analyzed by the TikTok algorithm so now we’ve addressed the main indicators for the TikTok algorithm:

  1. Content that is duplicated
  2. You’ve already seen some of the content.
  3. Content that has been detected as spam by the algorithm
  4. Content that might be disturbing


In today’s world, simply having a TikTok account and publishing videos or other stuff on it isn’t enough. If you want to be at the front of the TikTok moment and receive an increasing amount of viewers or comments on TikTok, you must follow all of the suggestions.

Following the steps outlined above will help you to stand out from the crowd. If you want to gain my personal opinion, the most important factor in a TikTok video’s success is the originality of the information which you provide to your users or followers.

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