steam friend code: How To Get Free

A multiplayer game is the best way to enjoy yourself with your friends. Or make new friends steam is the best way to download those games but! Steam has this rule where users must pay 5$ in order to unlock the steam friend code and get benefits.


Also, many of the game prizes are sky-high. If you downloaded a non-stream multiplayer game and wanted to add friends. Including your friends but he doesn’t want to spend those 5$ just to add friends.

So I give you the formula for adding steam friend code for free:

1.All right here guys first download DOTA UNDERLORDS in steam.


which is free to play and the download size is 2GB and after downloading and opening the game.

3.In there top left corner you can see your name and besides that. There is add friends option so here to add friends you need to either give your code.


which can be accessed from my friend code option or you can take the code from your friend.


You will understand it when you do that now after entering the code.

I can see my friend and I have sent him the request.  

4.Finally, he added me to the game, and after the step close the game go to your steam.

And see your friends list, and yeah without wasting five dollars


I have successfully added my friend in steam now. I can successfully invite my friends without wasting five dollars and happily play ever after. 

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