sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed: FIX

Today I will show you a handy little trick to fix the sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed copy and paste feature and not working in Windows.

So you have got the problem you can’t copy and paste in Windows that is either with the keyboard and mouse or keyboard doing Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v or with the mouse right-click in on your subjects when you have highlighted text, etc and nothing’s copying and pasting. so what needs to do is reset your clipboard.

Follow All Step to solve sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed this Problem:

1.Open Start Menu And Type CMD and Right Click on it and Open CMD in Run As Administrator.

2.After Open CMD Type this command cmd /c "echo off|clip" and press Enter.


3.Then After Close CMD.
4.And Restart Your Computer.

Follow these steps and your Problem is Solved.

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