Top Scary Numbers to call 2022: You Should Never Call Them!


It’s easy to forget that there are scary numbers out there, numbers you should never call, and creepy numbers to call that have been linked to some serious, or even deadly, consequences! If you get one of these calls or scary numbers to call 2022, hang up on them immediately and don’t try to figure out who called – just move on with your life and try not to worry about it too much. You never know when something like this might happen! Here are 25 scary numbers to call in 2022: you should never dial them!


Have you ever wanted to call one of those scary numbers but didn’t know where or how to find them? Look no further. The purpose of these articles is not only to spread awareness but also so we don’t forget how terrifying they really are. To begin, here are 20 scary phone numbers that should never be called. Keep in mind that 9-1-1 and most international emergency phone numbers are NOT included because these numbers are for emergencies only and should never be used for prank calling. They are for when your house is on fire or you need an ambulance, NOT for pranking your friends (remember, stay safe). Have fun with some of these other creepy numbers to call and crazy random phone numbers.


1.  666 666 6666 or 1-666-666-6666 spooky American number

America is a scary place, and who knows what horrors lurk in those mysterious or creepy numbers to call? Don’t call them. Instead, pick up your phone and dial 1-666-666-6666; you’ll feel so much better afterward.

These scary phone numbers will get you through to Satan, who will grant you all of your twisted wishes. It’s not like he could say no, right? He literally rules hell on earth!

2. 0888 888 888 – Russian number

This scary phone number took three lives. When you call it back and forth, your ears get severed after calling it a few times.

OO1-888-888-8888 – Russian Number Which caused mysterious death: The Russian Number that killed people after calling them is OO1-888-888-8888.

They say that when you call it, if you don’t speak in English, your blood will boil before 2 seconds of speaking in another language other than English are over.

3. 090 4444 4444 – Japan’s Cursed Number

For many years, Japanese people believed that calling 090-4444-4444 was bad luck. This made it one of Japan’s most cursed phone numbers.

If you use these creepy numbers to call today, you can even hear a creepy voice laughing in response.

4. 20202020 – United Kindom scary numbers to call 2022

Try this haunting phone number at a payphone in the United Kingdom. According to legend, a female answering the phone with an unmodulated voice repeats, “Help Me! “Help!! Help Me!! Suzie is dying!” Suzie is falling.” Although no genuine Suzie has been recorded, it may certainly make you feel uneasy. Have you tried it yet? Please let us know in the comments!

5. 000 000 0000

If you’re looking for something a little scarier than a normal phone number, why not call 000 000 0000? This is probably one of the scariest numbers out there because it is hard to believe that anyone would actually pick up if they called it.

Don’t even bother trying because it won’t go through. Telecom operators formerly used it as a test number, and it has been disconnected now for over ten years.

6. 10000000000

Callers have witnesses who reported a male voice warning them to inform 15 people about the number, which is said to be one of Asia’s cursed phone numbers.

These creepy numbers to call are said to belong to the deceased; therefore, if you get a call from it, it means a deceased loved one is attempting to contact you. If you don’t agree with the man on the other end of the line, you may die within a week.

7. 407 734 0254 scary number

You may address Wrinkles as the Clown. THE NICKELS! Can you believe we located the phone number for Wrinkle’s The Clown? I have no idea why someone would want to call him. However, here we are!

Scare everyone you know and book Wrinkles for a forthcoming party by ringing this ominous number. He’s patiently waiting.

8. 701-347-1936

This number has anything to do with Five Nights at Freddy’s. It’s still unclear if it was posted by the game’s makers or by a sincere fan. This remains a point of contention.

“How are you?” and “I Will Kill You!” will be heard when you call. – So, be on the lookout! This is also a good one to tell your pals who aren’t aware of the situation. Just scary, not haunted.

9. 1216-333-1810

The Year Zero ARG includes the Number 1216-333-1810. A USB flash drive was discovered in the women’s restroom at a NIN event, according to the account. They discovered a song and an MP3 file on the disc. This phone number was in the file.

A recorded phone tap may be heard when the phone number is dialed. The transcripts may be found here. It’s rather unsettling. Dial away if you want to hear it firsthand!

10. 9999999

This number is said to be cursed by a group of Thais. Make a wish when you call. The request will, of course, be granted, but you will die in an accident within a week. You should never dial this scary phone number. It’s likely to be included on the National Do Not Call List with telemarketers.

11. 090-4444-4444

This is only applicable to Japanese residents. You might try calling scary phone numbers using Japan’s country code 81 from wherever you are. According to legend, calling this scary phone number will harm you.

It was created to advertise the film The Ring, but it has since taken on a life of its own. That’s the faith issue. When a large number of people are afraid of something, the energy builds up.

12. 1-858-651-5050

In the traditional sense, this isn’t a haunted dial or scary phone number. Listening to it is odd. In order to do a phone quality soundcheck, a man and woman take turns delivering whole words in this clip. People used to do this by saying these words to test the strength of the phone’s connection back in the day.

It’s no longer frightening now that you know this. It’s more like dialing strange phone numbers. However, have a friend dial it and keep it a secret! They’ll probably panic out a little.

13. 408-634-2806

According to rumor, if you contact 408-634-2806, the person on the other end will be able to hunt you down. In fact, it is what they want to do! The important aim of the Red Room is to return people to their previous spots and keep them there. You will either be tortured or die if you are kidnapped. Why take the chance?!

Not only that, but The Red Room is reported to be live-streamed on the Dark Web.

14. The Sobbing Man (978 435 9163)

This is the number to avoid calling if you don’t want to hear someone sobbing loudly. Sadness and regret in plenty. Despair and fear What’s the matter with the sobbing man?

15. 630-296-7536

This phone number is connected with a business that “specializes in life remodeling.” If you phone this number, you may be told that your number has been tracked and your information has been logged by a lady. After that, you’ll be contacted by a representative to arrange a renovation session.

Something may happen after that. It’s unclear whether something horrible will happen to you or not, as those who have tried to contact this number have reported different outcomes. However, thinking about what they mean by “life renovation” is creepy.

16. 1(207)404-2604

This Scary number is at the top of the weird phone numbers to call list. It was reported to be a publicity stunt promoting the film “CARRIE.” The producers created a trailer that finished with the phrase “Call Carrie” and the phone number to tempt the public. When you try this scary number to call, you will receive three calls from another number, each with scary noises and messages.

You’ll get shivers on the first call since you’ll hear terrifying screaming as soon as you pick up the phone. You’ll hear spooky music and someone singing a song on the second call, and you’ll get critical information on the third call, but the words will be uttered in a spine-chilling whisper. You never know what may happen.

17. 8287560109

This sounds suspiciously like a ghost phone number. This number originates in McDowell County, North Carolina. You hear scary and blasting noises when you contact the number. Then you’ll hear a guy rapidly transmitting what appears to be a binary message. When you transform this binary message into text, you obtain the word “death.”

18. 801 820 0263

People who attempted to contact this number discovered it to be terrifying. When you dial this number, you might hear a lot of things at once.

You can hear a man counting from 1-3 and 7 over and over again, followed by the sound of a man shouting out your name. The terrifying voice continues to detail what you’re doing and where you are right now. It will terrify you.

19. (845) 354-9912

If it weren’t for the fact that the message is around 25% faster than typical and goes in and out, this would be a conventional “call cannot be completed as requested” number. It’s one of the numerous odd numbers.

20. 777888999

A viral message has gone viral on social media. The message warns consumers that receiving a call from a certain cellphone number might cause their phone to catch fire and kill them.

Answering a call from the number 777888999, according to the warning, could be deadly. The message warns that the person who answers the phone will have their phone burst.


Redialing a busy number or calling late at night when no one is likely to answer might seem like harmless pranks, but you can run up a pretty hefty phone bill if you do it enough. There are millions of numbers in existence, and many of them are now inactive. Redialing an old number wastes your time (and money) when no one is on the other end. It’s also rude and inconsiderate, not exactly characteristics you want to be associating with your business name. Don’t accidentally call these numbers; they’re scary numbers to call and not worth dialing.

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