Razer Synapse Not Opening: HOW TO FIX


In this small tutorial, we will show you how to fix the razer synapse not opening. In this problem, we will show 4 different methods to solve this problem.

There can be many reasons for this problem but the main reason is in the software and driver. And this tutorial is for all windows including 7/8/10. Follow all steps.

Methods to solve razer synapse not opening :

Method 1:Unilstall and Install razer synapse

1.Go to Start Menu and Search Settings.

2.Open Settings and Go to Apps and Find Razer synapse click on it and press Uninstall button.


3.After that Go to this Site And Download Synapse software and install this software.

If this method didn’t work follow the second method.

Method 2:Unitsall Razer Driver

1.Go to the start menu and search Device manager.

2.Go To Device manager and after find Mic and other pointing devices extend this and right-click on your razer mouse and click on uninstall.


3.After that Refresh the device manager.


4.Then after Unplug all the connected devices and restart your laptop or computer.

5.After that plug in the Razer Device. Windows will automatically reinstall the drivers.

If this second method does not works follow the next method.

method 3:Install Microsoft Framework

1.Go to this Microsoft Framework website and download the latest framework.


2.After Download framework Install this framework on your Computer.

3.after install Framework. Go to Start menu and search Task manager.

4.After that Search for any razer process running and right-click on it > End Process.

5.Then after close the task manager and run synapse as administer.

If this method didn’t work follow the last method.

Method 4:Update Your Computer

1.Goto Start Menu and search settings.

2.Go to the Update and Security option.

3.Check your windows update if your Computer already updates or not update first update all windows and restart your computer.


I hope using this all method your problem Razer Synapse Not Opening is solve.

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