today in this tutorial I’m going to show you guys. How to fix outlook stuck on loading profile on your Windows 10 computer. Please follow all steps to solve this problem.

Steps to solve outlook stuck on loading profile:

1.So, first of all, you need to open the run box on your computer. Just by pressing Windows+R button together from your keyboard. Or you can go through your Start menu I just go to your Start menu. And type over there run and click on this run app.

2.After that you have to type over their control panel. After that press enters or clicks on this OK button.

3.Now you will get these windows so after that what you have to do. You need to select here category to a large or small icon on the right side corner view Y. So I will select here large icon. And after that scroll down and you will get one option over there is called mail.

4.So click over there and now you have to click on profile. And after that select that outlook and click on remove now click on yes.

5.After that click on apply then ok. So now what you have to do you need to open the run box once again. And after that type over their outlook.exe. And click on OK so now as you can see like profile name.

6.So we can put any profile name but there in my case I am putting here technology. After that click on OK. Now you have to put your name over there in my case it is Topham Hatt. And then your email ID is Topham Hatt add the red team Elcom. And after that put your password over there and here’s my Gmail password.

7.And after that click on next. So now it will take some time to load in your account save to wait for a few seconds. So now it is done so click on finish. And I successfully configure my outlook and it is opening now properly.

I hope this small tutorial will really help you and if you have any questions then commands down below.