Nvidia control panel not opening: FIX

In this short tutorial, I will show you how to fix the problem when your Nvidia control panel not opening up or working on your pc.

This should be quite an easy tutorial. But if you still have any questions then leave a comment and let me know.

Step to solve this problem:

First, open up your task manager by right-clicking your taskbar. And selecting it here in the processes tab. Make sure to end the Nvidia container and Nvidia web helper service processes from running.

When this is done you can close your task manager. And search for services in your taskbar search to open up your services manager. Here find the Nvidia display container ls service double click the service. And make sure that the setup type is set to automatic.

And that the service is running in case it’s not yet running then select start don’t forget to apply your changes.

Next, make sure to repeat this step for the other Nvidia services double click. The service sets the startup type to automatic and makes sure that the service status is running.

In case you still have issues launching your Nvidia control panel. Then make sure that your graphics cost driver and operating system is up to date.

I suggest using the GeForce experience application to update your Nvidia GPU in the driver’s tab.

Simply click on download and the application will automatically download and install the latest driver.

Next search for the update to open up your check for updates system settings window. Here click on check for updates and after downloading the latest os update make sure to restart your pc.

Next, you should make sure that your firewall or anti-virus is not blocking parts of the software.

Make sure to exclude the application from being blocked in your antivirus settings. Lastly, search for power options to open up your power and sleep system settings window.

Here select additional power settings under choosing the power buttons. Do make sure that the fast boot option is disabled in your shutdown settings.

I hope this helped you to fix Nvidia control panel not opening.

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