How To Use Xbox Resolver 2022 | Find IP Address of Xbox Live Gamertag

If you’re blocked from Xbox Live or your Xbox account has been suspended, and you want to get unblocked or unbanned, one method that can help is Xbox Resolver, also known as XBR. This tool can effectively bypass the restrictions imposed by Microsoft on your account so that you can play online once again and be able to chat with your friends on Xbox Live.


How To Use Xbox Resolver

​Step 1:

First, you must log in to your Xbox account. Then, in the search field, type in the name of the person whose IP you wish to find.

If the person you’re looking for isn’t already on the friend list, you’ll have to add them first. To add somebody to your buddy list, follow the steps below.


Step 2:

Make contact with the folks whose IP you wish to track down.

Two methods to achieve this:

  • Invite them to live to game
  • Use the chat forum to communicate

So, before you use the Xbox resolver, follow these instructions.

  • Invite your group or party members to play with you.
  • Select the “people” icon on the controller and choose the user’s Gamertag.
  • When you’re in that person’s profile, use the A button on the controller to accept them.
  • Besides that, there is also the option of using the live party chat to communicate with other individuals. The steps to do so are outlined below in detail.
  • Select the “Parties & Parties” option from the guide menu.

Find IP Address of Xbox Live Gamertag

Xbox resolver booter is used to find the IP address of Xbox live Gamertag.

We can use Xbox IP resolver to unblock Xbox live if we have been blocked by our friend or family member.

We can also use an Xbox resolver booter for hacking someone’s Xbox live account and playing games on his/her profile.

It’s also helpful for many other purposes like blocking someone from accessing your own profile, getting information about your friends or family members, etc.

Step 1 – Enter your Xbox Live Gamertag and verify it’s working

If you are on a locked network, you can use Xbox resolver to change your IP address.

This can allow you to access games that have a region lock. Changing your IP address will not enable cheat codes or hacking, but it will make you able to join games that would otherwise be inaccessible because of regional restrictions.

To do so, follow these steps:

1) Click on start, then click run.

2) Type CMD in the run and click enter.

3) Now type ipconfig /release.

4) Revert to step 2 and repeat the process.

5) Type ipconfig /renew.

6) That’s it. Enjoy!

Note for some games, you may need to change your connection settings manually in order for the Xbox resolver to work correctly.

Step 2 – (Optional) Enter your email address for better support.

Enter your email address.

Step 3 – Check the Allowed Networks box below if you want to restrict access to only specific networks.

By default, Xbox Resolver will allow connections from any IP address. If you want to restrict access to a specific network only, enter that network’s IP address below.

For example-

If you know your console lives at but aren’t sure about other devices on your network, enter that address as well as all addresses above it (192.168.1.*).

This can be done by clicking on Default in Step 1 and using up/down arrow keys to select individual IPs or entire ranges of IPs (*).

Once you have entered all of your preferred addresses (up to three total), click Apply Changes, that’s it!

How to change my IP address by Xbox resolver

There are many different ways to change your IP address.

I am using a third-party tool such as an Xbox IP resolver, a proxy server, or a virtual private network (VPN).

Xbox IP resolver is an alternative to Proxy Servers. Using Xbox resolver, you can resolve your IP Address by connecting via Xbox IP Resolver and resolving your IP by Xbox resolver booter.

Xbox IP Resolver has a wide range of features that make it one of the best Xbox IP resolvers available.

It’s very easy to use, quick and efficient. You’ll be able to find out your Xbox live Gamertag IP address within minutes!


If you want to unblock Xbox live, use Xbox resolver booter and IP resolver (IP = Internet Protocol) to resolve your IP/MAC addresses to a US location and connect your Xbox live. The benefits of using Xbox resolver are: no more being banned from Xbox live, being able to play games online with other players from around the world, and playing Xbox one games online via Xbox 360 emulator if you have Xbox 360 consoles on Xbox One. All in all, a win-win for everyone!

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