How To Use Skype For Business Meetings [Best Useful Way In 2021]

How to set contact on Skype for Business meetings.

Skype for Business lets you add people to your contact list from inside and outside your organization.

Click the “Add Contact” icon to add contacts. Now, You can add contacts by clicking on the “Create a new group” option. To add people, type their name in the search box for the Business window.

Right-click on their picture and select “Add to Contacts List” and choose the right contact group. you’re all set to communicate with your contact group list.

Business users can easily share their screens with people present during Skype calls or even run a webinar. Set your attendance status to Available to launch your Skype for Business. Now, go to the “Meetings” tab and click on the “Meet Now” option. Now, The pop-up immediately appears as a meeting screen.

You can add participants by clicking the “Invite” button in the top right corner.

How to make audio or video calls :

Find the person in your contact list and click the “Audio Audio” or “Video” icon to make a call.

After, A pop-up with various call settings appears when you receive a call on Skype for Business.

Click on the Camera My icon to turn your webcam on or off. Click on the Microphone icon to turn your microphone on or off.

After, a list of additional options appears:
Just call the audio call. Only respond to instant messages and Do not disturb mode.

How to share your screen on Skype

First Click on the “Present” icon in the meeting window.

This will open a pop-up and giving you several options to share your screen like Present Desktop: Share your entire screen and Present Programs: Share an open Word or Excel file.

So, the Presenting tab will appear on your device whenever you share your screen after, that participants will receive a request to accept your shared screen. Now, you can give them control over the sharing session by clicking “Give Control”.

And, If you want another attendee to demonstrate something, You can click on “Take back control” to revoke these access rights anytime you want. Stop Presenting option to stop sharing your entire screen.

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