How to stream Crunchyroll on Discord?


How to stream Crunchyroll on discord? Crunchyroll is well known as an anime-focused stream service. Prior to being acquired by Sony’s component in late 2020, the Otter Media subsidiary of Time Warner had been the previous owner. With hundreds of titles accessible, it is competing with other services, notably Sony’s own Funimation, to attract fans of anime.

The service had more than 4 million paying users, and more people were enjoying the platform’s free movies and TV shows, as per the latest study.

You can watch Crunchyroll on a variety of gadgets. The video game console supports a number of gaming platforms, including PS Vita, Xbox One, PlayStation 1, and Xbox 360. Using the Google Chrome browser, Android Smart TV, Amazon Prime Video, or Roku, you may also view it on your TV.

Let’s say you want to stream Crunchyroll while traveling. In such a situation, a mobile app makes PC, Android, Apple OS X, and mobile phones interoperable.

Don’t hope specific stuff to be completely restricted if your kids will be using your account. There are also not many rules or ratings for the content. It can be challenging to determine whether a title has any objectionable material before choosing it.

Parents need to be cautioned that anime frequently includes sex and violence in its themes. It’s important to note that users of Crunchyroll must be minimum of 16 years old according to their terms and conditions.

How to stream Crunchyroll on Discord mobile apps?

Well, that has a straightforward resolution. You cannot stream Crunchyroll with the Discord app on your smartphone due to DRM limitations. You can share the screen of your phone, though. You may watch Crunchyroll with your friends on Discord by following the instructions here.

Download Discord App

Installing Discord on a PC is easy! Just visit their webpage! The website will detect whether you are operating a Windows, Linux, or Apple device and offer you the relevant download choice. After completion of downloading and installing Discord, sign in by scanning the QR code with your smartphone.

Download Discord App

Start Crunchyroll and launch Discord:

  • Keep your favorite anime prepared to watch by opening Crunchyroll in your browser. Reduce the tab now and open the Discord application.
  • Click the “Settings” button next to your username in the Discord app.
  • Click on – Add it – option close to “Not seeing your game?” and click the – Activity Status – box available on the bar’s left side.
  • A list of the programs that are now operating in the background will appear. Click “Add Game” after choosing the Crunchyroll web browser from the list.
  • Click the “Stream” icon on the site where you wish to view the anime. By selecting the browser, you’re using to watch Crunchyroll, select the “Share screen” icon in the lower-left of the window to join a voice channel.
  • Choose the voice station and resolution for the Crunchyroll anime to be broadcast on. The maximum streaming resolution is 720p at 30 frames per second. For 1080p/60fps Crunchyroll streaming, you need a Discord Nitro subscription. Here’s how to sign up for Discord Nitro for free.


Knowing how to stream Crunchyroll on Discord will let you watch your preferred anime and manga whenever it’s most convenient for you. If you haven’t already, visit Crunchyroll, which is the best website for anime and manga, to find your new favorite show with your friends.


How to stream Crunchyroll on discord?

On the official Crunchyroll website and using any of its different applications, which work with practically all common smart devices, you may watch Crunchyroll. On iOS, Android, Windows 10 desktops, and tablets, the Crunchyroll app is available for free download.

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