How to Set a Sleep Timer in Apple Music on iPhone, Mac, and Android

You might be listening to music with Apple Music on your Mac or iPhone when you suddenly fall asleep. You don’t want to keep the music playing overnight, so what do you do? Set an Apple Music sleep timer, of course! Follow these simple steps to set a sleep timer in Apple Music on your device: On iPhone, Open Apple Music. So in this article, you can get an idea of How to Set Sleep Timers in Apple Music on iPhone, Mac, and Android.

What is the Apple Music Sleep Timer?

The Apple Music Sleep Timer lets you set a timer for how long your phone will stay awake when listening to Apple Music. How to Use It: Setting up an Apple Music sleep timer is pretty simple. Just follow these easy steps below! You have two ways of setting a sleep timer on both iOS and macOS devices, so here are all three options at once.

Using the Sleep Timer

This feature is only available for music downloaded or streamed through Apple Music.

  • Tap Settings > Playback > Sleep Timer.
  • You’ll see a countdown of when your music will stop playing automatically based on how long you select.
  • After that time has passed, your music will stop playing until you wake up again.

How to Set a Sleep Timer in Apple Music on Mac

Unlike other music streaming services like Spotify and Google Play Music, Apple doesn’t give you an easy way to set a sleep timer within its mobile apps.

Thankfully, there is a straightforward workaround.

  • Use your Mac’s built-in Do Not Disturb mode.
  • You can do so by going to System Preferences > Do Not Disturb > Schedule, then selecting Until Next Alarm.
  • Make sure you also check to Receive Calls From and set it so only your favorite contacts can get through while your tunes are playing.

How to Set a Sleep Timer in Apple Music on Android

If you have an Android phone (and if not, what’s wrong with you?), there are a number of music apps that support sleep timers.

The benefit of using an app over a built-in music player is that it can fade out your music track rather than just stop it suddenly. Here’s how to set a sleep timer for Play Music.

  • To stop your music from playing when you put your phone down at night, you can set a sleep timer.
  • Then whatever song is playing will automatically stop after how many minutes or seconds you select.

In short, To add a sleep timer on iOS, you will need either Apple’s stock Clock app or download one of these alternatives: Ticking Clock; I Can’t Wake Up!

If your device has more than one music app, you can set different sleep timers for each so that one stops but others keep playing.

How to Set a Sleep Timer in Apple Music on iPhone

For example, if you want your music to stop playing after 15 minutes of listening, you can do so with one tap.

Here’s how to set an Apple Music sleep timer on your device.

  • Get Started Open Music from your home screen.
  • Select More Options in iOS or Menu > Settings > General Settings > Playback in macOS.
  • Next, select Sleep Timer.
  • Underneath When you finish playing
  • Choose 15 minutes.
  • Tap Start when you are ready to begin using the sleep timer.

Final Words

To listen to your favorite Apple Music songs ad-free while you sleep, simply set up an automated daily alarm. When it goes off, it will automatically shut down your music player. Here’s how you can do that on your iPhone, Mac, or Android device. Throughout your day, as you work, run errands, or get ready for bed, most of us can play our favorite song anytime we want by using iTunes. However, when it comes time to wind down for bedtime, there is no option for users who would like to enjoy their favorite tracks without commercial interruptions until the next morning.

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