Hello, If you are Streamer I know you need to play music through the mic. So Don’t worry In today’s short tutorial we will show how to play music through a mic in your game or discord.

Follow the all steps:

1.Go to YouTube and download the music you want in mp3. Or if already music is download follow the second step.

2.Go to Your Browser and search voicemod.net and press enter.

3.Download Voicemod Free Version on your Computer.

4.After Download Voicemod install voice mode software.

5.Then after installation sign in with your account.


6.In Voice mode Go to Setting Icon And make sure your microphone is on in settings.


7.After that Go to Soundboard and click on the plus icon to import the music you want.

8.Then after import music Go to Your Game or Discord.

9.So I am Playing GTA 5. Open GTA 5 and I am going to GTA 5 settings.

10.In the setting option click on Voice Chat Menu.

11. After clicking the voice chat menu First, I will check Voice input Device after that I will change Voice Chat Mode change the Push To Chat To Voice Activated.

12.After that Go to Your Voice Mode And Play Music.


And Enjoy the play music through the mic.