How to Escape Prison in Bitlife 8×8 – A Step by Step Guide

How to escape from prison in Bitlife 2022: Life Simulator is a famous smartphone game that is growing in popularity. Only in 2021 will people convert to BitLife due to its mini-games. BitLife offers a ton of mini-games to keep you entertained for hours.


The best strategy to escape prison in Bitlife 8×8, also known as how to escape prison in Bitlife 8×8, is to play your cards right and follow the steps below as closely as possible. While it might seem like an easy game when you first start playing, you’ll soon find that how to escape from prison in Bitlife isn’t just about moving some pixels around a screen; there are actually several techniques you’ll need to implement in order to get out of the cell and break free from behind bars once and for all!

Types Of Prisons

A mini-game in BitLife requires players to break free from all jails. Those who have played BitLife know how to escape from prison in the Bitlife game, which is why so many players have recently enquired about BitLife prison escape.

Minimum, Medium and Maximum prisons are available in BitLife. It’s important to note that every prison map is different. If you’re in BitLife’s low or medium prisons, you can simply escape; but if you’re in the maximum jail, you’ll have to work very hard to get out.


Additionally, if you are caught trying to run from BitLife prison, you will be punished for a few more years for the act of “attempted escape.” As a result, only try it if you’re absolutely ready. To make your work easier, we’ve put together a list of all the prison maps and their answers.

Bitlife has a total of nine maximum-security prisons. One has an 87% grid, while the others have an 88% grid. We’ll go through each one here and show you how to get out of them in a few simple steps.

Map 1 – 8×7 Layout

This will appear to be the simplest map for escaping with utmost security. This is far from the case. Because you start significantly closer to the officer at this level than in the others, your are initial few moves extremely vital. The majority of players would consider B-lining to the exit because it is only a few miles away, but if you do so, the officer will catch up to you.

Map 2 – 8×8 Layout

In this layout, you must imprison the officer in the same box where you spawn in order to free yourself from this jail. You’re meant to do a variety of lefts, rights, ups, and downs to trap the officer in various locations so you can ultimately escape and conduct additional crimes, but only in-game.

Map 3 – 8×8 Layout

Although it stings to watch oneself spawn so close to the exit as opposed to the officer who spawns on the opposite side of the map, you still can’t B-line to it. This map plan contains a lot of back-and-forth movement, which may easily confuse newbies. You must capture the officer in three distinct enclosed spaces.

Map 4 – 8×8 Layout

You start far away from the exit on this map, whereas the officer spawns close to it as it should be. This map is a little easier, and it possibly has the shortest steps of all the ones we’ve done so far.

Map 5 – 8×8 Layout

This is the simplest map layout in the maximum-security prisons. It has a lot of little places where you may capture the cop. It’s a chess game. Only the cop can’t move since he’s imprisoned.

Map 6 – 8×8 Layout

You’ve basically worked out how the police movement works by now. The cop attempted to grab up to you by moving horizontally and vertically for each move you made. This is what you utilize against the officer to trap him in situations where he can’t perform any of these steps, allowing you to quickly go.

Map 7 – 8×8 Layout

Out of all the maximum-security prisons, this one has the most desolate layout. It has a lot of open space, with just one fully boxed-in crevice facing the exit that can’t be used completely. It can be difficult to get the officer where you need him to be in order to escape, but even still, it’s a close call at the end that will make the majority of you sweat.

Map 8 – 8×8 Layout

It is one of the most maze-like in any of the maximum-security prisons. While attempting to escape the cop, you may become confused.

Map 9 – 8×8 Layout

One of the most important aspects of this jailbreak is being aware of the cop’s movements. The final guide for the last highest security map is here.

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