How to Eject Water from Your iPhone Using Siri Shortcuts and Other Apps

Have you ever dropped your iPhone in water by mistake and thought about how to get the water out of the speaker? It turns out that ejecting water from the iPhone speakers is a straightforward process. You can utilize a Siri Shortcut, an app, or even a website to accomplish your goal. Even if your iPhone has an IP rating, water can still sneak inside and cause damage.

When water gets inside the speaker grilles on an iPhone, the music becomes muffled, which we do not want to happen. We’ll explain to you how to eject water from iPhone speakers in this post.

How to eject water from the iPhone speaker?

Let us clarify how this works before we teach you how to eject water from the iPhone speaker. A sound of a specific frequency is delivered through the speaker, which causes the water to flow out. The water is ejected by the vibrations from the sound, which is comparable to the Water Lock feature seen on recent Apple Watches.

There is a high probability that water will still be stuck into the speakers, earpiece, and charging port, even if your iPhone is water-resistant.

Starting with the iPhone 7, Apple has incorporated an IP rating to all iPhones. If you drop your iPhone in water, make sure to dry it out as soon as possible and avoid using a charger.

Here are some ways to eject water from the iPhone

Get water eject Siri shortcut from app store first.

This technique involves playing the sound through your iPhone speakers using a Siri Shortcut. The Water Eject shortcut can be added to the Shortcuts app in the following way.

1) This is a third-party shortcut, which means that you’ll need to enable ‘Allow untrusted shortcuts ‘in Settings > Shortcuts.

2) Now, you must have the Water Eject shortcut. Make sure you open this link on your iPhone and tap on getting Shortcut.

3) This should open in the Shortcuts app by itself.

4) Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select ‘Add Untrusted Shortcut.’

5) Select Water Eject from the My Shortcuts menu from the iPhone.

6) A alert should appear with the option to ‘Begin Water Ejection.’ Select this option to begin the operation.


You are able to hear a sound and see water droplets coming out of the speaker grill from your iPhone.

Eject water from the iPhone Through Siri Voice Command

You follow the same procedures as before, but instead of manually launching the Shortcuts app, you can simply command Siri and say “Eject Water.” That’s all there is to it. Then select Intensity Level from the Start menu.

So there you have it. The Eject water shortcut should do the trick, and water should expel from the speaker grille.

This brings us to the end of our talk on how to easily remove water from your iPhone using Siri. If your iPhone’s speaker grills have water inside them, you can try this.

Make use of a third-party application or website.

There are alternative options for getting rid of the water if you don’t want to install an untrustworthy shortcut on your iPhone. You can either use a free third-party application or go to a website that just plays a sound to eject the water from the iPhone.


There are so many applications available on the app store that can accomplish this, and Clear Wave is one of the most trusted among them recommended by us.

Since it’s available for free on the App Store and does a great job, after installing the application, you can adjust the sound frequency to determine what works the best. To begin ejecting the water from your iPhone speaker, press the Play button.

To eject water from iPhone speakers, you can use a website called Online Tone Generator. On your iPhone, go to the website, choose a frequency, and press the play button.


If you ever drop your iPhone in water accidentally and need to get the water out of the speaker grill, try the methods listed above. To eject water from the iPhone speaker grill, don’t try to cram anything into it. We advise using the procedures listed above because they perform well. Also, immediately dry the iPhone, switch it off for a few moments, and avoid accessing the SIM tray. We hope you were able to explain how to eject water from the iPhone speaker with the help of our article.

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