Today we will take a look at how to do spoilers on discord. So basically if you write something and you don’t want to spoil the plot of a nice game. Something and you want to put it in a small thing? The text will basically be blacked out and maybe you will spread people’s curiosity?

If you want to use it if you can resist the temptation to click to add something a little older. What do you do if you do this straight line twice (||) and the straight line is located to the right of the shift key and you need to use and have a straight line and it can be located in other places on the keyboard other than my beautiful Scandinavian layout, but it’s not that big of me, it looks like this. It’s too long so it’s a straight line Use it in any case located around these keys and then you can type.


Very secret content and then you can use two of those straight lines between. Which you don’t need any space but yeah and we have to see someone there on whom. You can’t put your cursor there is nothing you really have to click on it. And then you can see the spoiler if you go to another channel and then go back then you need to click again to watch it and this is how you create order text in this court.

How to do spoilers on discord: Easy Way

To understand in simple language, all you have to do is type and enter and then click on the black bar that appears and the text will appear. Very easy.

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