It’s easy to create a new group in Gmail. Go to Contacts on Google. On the left side of the Labels, a button will be shown then click the Create Label. Type a name, then click Save.

Create a new group.

Remove or add contacts from a group
Go to Google Contacts to add contacts to the group. Multiple Contacts: Check the checkboxes next to all the contacts you want to add. All Contacts: Create Group in Gmail Check the boxes next to any contact in the upper left, and click Manage Labels. press the group label you want. Click Apply. Click All Actions. On top

Remove contacts from a group

Go to Google Contacts and click on the group name. Contacts appearing next to his name. Select the contacts by checking the checkboxes. Uncheck the group name in the upper right, by clicking on the label.

Create or edit groups

Open Gmail and click compose in the upper left. Click on CC or BCC. Then check the checkboxes next to their names after finding the contact. Click Manage Labels.

Add or change Gmail group labels:
Click the group label to add a contact to the group label, and then click Apply. press the group label to remove the group contact from the group label, then click Apply. Click Create Label to add and create a new label.