In this blog, I’ll show you How to Clear Recently Played on Spotify. So let’s get started. You can clear a recently played list using a Windows or Mac desktop application. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to clear your “Recently Played” list using a mobile app or Spotify web player. But once you clear the logs using the desktop app, then the logs will also be removed from any linked apps, including mobile devices.

First, open the Spotify app on your PC or Mac. In the menu on the left, click the “Recently played” option. Here you will find a list of previously played songs, albums, podcasts, and artists. From the list, click the three-dot menu icon on any songs or albums. In the Options menu that appears, click the “Remove from recently played” option.

Once this option is clicked, the item will disappear from the “Recently Played” list. This will also remove the item from other Spotify devices linked to your account, including mobile devices. There is no way to clear a list that has just been run at once. So you need to repeat this step to erase each entry.

So that was a short tutorial on how to clear your recently run list on Spotify. If you find the blog helpful, please comment below.