hevc codec: How to Download in Windows 10


So today I will show you how to install the free version of hevc codec video extension
for your windows 10 pc.

But if you try to install this extension via your Microsoft store application they ask for your money to get this extension.


This means that this is paid version but here I show the steps to get the free version of the extension. Follow the all step to download the free extension.

Steps to Download hevc codec: your google and then search HEVC Codec Video extension windows 10 And it shows lots of search results but you can click to access this first website.

2.And this website provides all free versions of codec extensions.

3.Now I get this extension download option so just press on it.


4.After that it shows some versions And this file is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit based operating systems.

5.And the first one is for 32 bit so my system is 64 bit based operating system so I try to download the second one.


6.Finally this video extension is successfully downloaded so I try to install this extension.

7.After that it asks for the installation permission so I try to press install. And it starts to install.


8.Finally this video extension is successfully installed on my windows 10 pc.

So I try to check it by simply access the “Apps” section.


And here you can see this HEVC Codec video extension is successfully installed on my windows 10 pc.

So this is the way you can easily install the free version of hevc codec video extension. And I hope Using this method you have fix the problem about hevc codec video extension Download.

And if you have any problem or any query write down comment below.

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