fps counter: How to Display Usage in Games

So today I’ll be showing you guys how to display your fps counter, GPU, CPU Usage in your games.

Steps to display fps counter:

1.So first things first, we’re gonna jump into this website And here we are just gonna get MSI Afterburner.


2.Now we only need to get MSI Afterburner if you already have MSI Afterburner installed then.

3.Now, this, you can just extract it or just double click and it’s going to be installed.

4.Now again it’s going to be like a regular installation.

5.Install where you want to install and here is a very important part where you want to install the Riva Statistics Tuner Server so again this is what you want if you want to be as you can see provides framerate monitoring so that’s what we need just gonna click next and install this.

So we’re going to run the MSI Afterburner.

6.You are just gonna click on settings here and you’re gonna click on monitoring, so here we are.


7.And here in this window, we are going to select what we want to be there.

8.So let’s say I want to have fps counter and GPU usage there. I am going to click on this And then click on show in the on-screen display.

9.And this what’s very important so you wanna click here and click on show in the on-screen display.

If I want GPU temperature, obviously I’m gonna show that. Also, I want to see the framerate. Framerate right here.

10.Show it on screen. Okay! Now if you want even further customization, you’re gonna go ahead and go to On-Screen Display.

11.Here you can actually find yourself a hotkey that you want. So I’m gonna set up
ALT + O.

So that’s fine and click Apply. So now when you click ALT + O. For me anyway it’s gonna toggle the display so that’s good.

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