discord on ps4: How to Use in ps4

I’m gonna show you how you can get and use Discord on PS4 easily!
Let’s do this!

Follow All Steps:

1.First off, on your PS4 open up the web browser.

2.Then click triangle to search, and search for Discord.

3.Once the results are loaded, you want to select Discord.com which should be the first link.


4.From there, you’re going to want to choose to open Discord in your web browser.

5.Now, at the top right of this page, you should see an option to login.


6.Click that, and if you already have a Discord account then just enter your login info and sign in. But if you do not have that Discord account. Then you will want to click register and create a new account.


7.Once you have signed in, you should be redirected to Discord, and it should open properly within your browser.

8.Here, you can select your servers on the left by hovering over them. And you can type in text channels using the text box at the bottom.

9.Sometimes, the send button may not appear properly. But if that does happen, then you can instead send a GIF, and then edit that message. To say what you wanted to send originally.

Bugs in discord on ps4:

Unfortunately, Discord on the PS4 browser only allows you to send messages or react to messages.

And you cannot speak in voice channels as the PS4 browser is not supported. By Discord, meaning some functionalities are restricted.

If you are wanting to speak to people via Discord whilst you play games. I instead recommend you use your headset or microphone on your phone or PC. And download the Discord mobile app.

If you want to be able to rapidly switch between Discord and your game you are playing. Then if you double-tap the PS button, it takes you between your 2 screens.

So here, you could use that function. To be able to quickly load up Discord whilst you are in your game.

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