Difference Between x470 and b450

Difference Between x470 and b450 – Which Should You Decide to buy?

AMD has launched their new x470 and b450 motherboards, but which one should you buy? Do you want to know AMD b450 vs x470? This comparison article will explain why you might want to buy an x470 or b450 motherboard from AMD depending on your needs. Read on to find out the main differences between these two series of motherboards, or AMD b450 vs x470, and whether they are right for you!

What is an AM4 motherboard?

AM4 is an AMD-based computer processor microarchitecture used by several families of desktop and mobile processors. 

The AM4 socket (PGA) is also used with Athlon APUs to support DDR4 memory. The first processors to use it were released in early 2017. 

AMD plans for future generations to use a unified socket: AM4 for both desktops and laptops as well as Ryzen Mobile products. 

Unlike previous generations, there will be no difference between products offered for workstations/enthusiasts and mainstream desktops/laptops.

What is the difference between x470 and b450 boards

Are you in search of a new AMD-based motherboard for your Ryzen build but aren’t sure whether to buy an X470 or B450 chipset-based board? Well, we’re here to help you decide. Let’s find out what exactly makes up these two categories and help you decide which board is right for your next AM4 build. Read the difference between x470 and b450.

Difference Between x470 and b450

Officially SupportsZen 2Zen 2
Chipset LinkPCIe 3.0 x4PCIe 3.0 x4
Usable PCIe lanes6 x PCIe 2.08 x PCIe 2.0
Overclocking compatibleYY
USB 5 Gbps26
USB 10 Gbps22
USB 480 Mbps66
SATA 3.024
SATA Express22

In terms of features, there’s not much difference between these two types of boards. 

They both offer full support for AMD processors using either an APU or a CPU setup as well as some great overclocking features. 

The biggest difference between x470 and b450 that can be seen at first glance is their physical designs: 

  • X470 boards come with three PCIe slots (as well as black PCBs)
  • B450 motherboards have only 2 PCIe slots and use white-colored PCB material instead. 

Both types support dual graphics cards, so you won’t lose any performance no matter which type of system memory DDR4 you choose to pair it with. 

These are all very minor difference between x470 and b450 however; let’s dig a little deeper and see if they really make that big of a deal when choosing one over another in your choice of AMD-powered PC build.

Why Choose B450?


All AMD 400-series motherboards support your favorite AMD Ryzen processors. 

B450 and X470 are similar in many ways. Both offer a solid foundation for reliable computing. 

Both provide sophisticated tuning solutions for a performance boost when you need it most, and both feature essential layout design for maximum compatibility with overclocking components.

Why Choose X470?


AMD x470 chipset is designed to fully support AMD Ryzen 2nd Generation processors. 

It is recommended for users who want to enable all features of Ryzen processors. 

Users can expect to get maximum performance when enabling –  

Enmotus FuzeDrive For AMD Ryzen, Radeon Vega Graphics Compatibility Mode, Precision Boost Overdrive, and Smart Prefetch.

AMD offers two chipsets for their second-generation CPUs, as below. 

It is a mid-range solution while supporting all functions of Ryzen with lower cost-efficiency. 

  • High-end CPU users should choose AMD X470 motherboards which offer even better experiences than AMD’s mainstream AM4 boards. 
  • Amongst multiple choices from ASUS ROG, ASRock Fatal1ty, and MSI Gaming series models are worth mentioning. An optimized layout structure and higher quality components are applied to ensure stability for heavy computing tasks.


If you want to purchase AMD Ryzen processors and are on a tight budget then choose B450 chipset-based motherboard. If you want to play new games at 1080p with all settings at ultra or overclock, then go for the X470 chipset motherboard. 

Both of these boards AMD b450 vs x470 have many advanced features, but if the price is your major concern then go for B450 chipset motherboards as they cost lesser than their equivalent x470 motherboard. So make an informed decision based on your requirements and budget.

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