Crunchyroll vs Funimation: Comparison

Crunchyroll and Funimation are two popular anime services Hadoop differs let’s find out in Crunchyroll vs Funimation.

Availability of Crunchyroll vs Funimation:

starting with the availability Crunchyroll is available in over 170 countries. It’s the only anime service available in that many countries Funimation, on the other hand. Is offered in a handful of countries including us, Canada, the uk, Ireland, and Australia.

Type of content:

Being very popular you find many animes onboard Crunchyroll comes with over 1000 anime shows in total. This might have the biggest library of animes yet. It offers many popular shows including perfect insider or Monogatari and My Hero Academia, of course, some are free. And some are in the premium plan.

Funimation also offers an extensive library of anime with over 900 shows. Including dragon ball, fairy tale, attack on titan, and alchemist like Crunchyroll some animes are free. And some are not so what type of content you find on both.

Crunchyroll focuses on the subtitles a lot so you find more shows with subtitles than dubbed versions on Funimation.

You find more dubbed animes furthermore Crunchyroll produces its own animes as well. While Funimation does not so if you want something different then Crunchyroll might be able to help you.

Content difference:

Also, get simulcasts on both but depending on the plan you choose you to get features.


Let’s talk about the platforms now both are available on major platforms including pc. Mobile phones, smart televisions and gaming consoles Crunchyroll is also available on Nintendo Funimation lacks this platform.

Pricing of Crunchyroll vs Funimation:

Anyway, let’s move to price Crunchyroll comes with three different plans the starting price is eight dollars per month. Which gives you access to all content but you can’t download any mess on your device.

You can also only watch one device at the same time. The mega fun plant costs ten dollars per month but you get to stream on four devices simultaneously and download.

Animes offline the ultimate plan costs 15 dollars per month. Which is for anime people out there Funimation compared to Crunchyroll is cost-effective you pay six dollars per month. To get access to all the available content you also get two simultaneous streams with support. For offline downloads on your mobile phone.

The upper hand plane costs eight dollars per month giving access. To five summer cast seams with a few additional features.

Other features:

let’s talk about some of the additional features Crunchyroll also comes with manga in the English language. While Funimation does not offer manga.

Talking about the interface I have been using both for a while and I can assure you that Funimation’s website interface is much better than Crunchyroll’s website interface.

Reminds you of the time before 2005 where the internet was still developing the applications of both services offer a nice interface though anyway.

While watching for free Crunchyroll sometimes shows 3 to 6 ads before even starting the episode. I understand that the company has to make money but 5 10 to 30-second video ads can be overwhelming sometimes

So let me know your final choice in the comments down below.

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