blast furnace recipe: How to make

Today We will learn to make a blast furnace recipe in Minecraft. We will provide all steps and notes to follow all steps.

Steps of blast furnace recipe:

1.You need 5 pieces of iron ores. Find in your Minecraft and get 5 pieces of iron ores.


2.After that you need 11 pieces of cobblestones to find cobblestones in your Minecraft.

3.Then smelt iron ores to obtain iron ingots.


4.After this make 3 pieces of stones. And then make smooth stones. then after making a furnace.

5.Now we can make the blast furnace. We have crafted the blast furnace.


Blast furnaces are similar to furnaces in that the bit can only be used to smelt ore blocks. And the item will smell twice as much as a regular furnace.

That’s all for the make blast furnace. I hope this method is use full for making a blast furnace in Minecraft.

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