10 best underrated Roblox games


The Top 10 Underrated Roblox Games are listed below for your enjoyment. The popular online gaming site Roblox has a highly distinctive community for game development. The platform, which was created by the Roblox Corporation, enables users to play games created by other users and make and publish their games with the group.

When Roblox was first launched on September 1st, 2006, it quickly received a nomination for a Kid’s Choice Award in the area of Favorite Videogame. Later on, Roblox received a BAFTA Games Award nomination for “EE Mobile Game Of The Year.” You may read our essay about the beginning of Roblox here to learn more about the game’s history.

Since there are plenty of games to choose from on Roblox, some of the hidden treasures may go unnoticed by players. Additionally, there is no way to find such incredible underrated Roblox games on your own. For this reason, we’ll be spotlighting some of the most underrated Roblox games that are currently accessible.

10 best underrated Roblox games:

1. Experience Gravity

Experience Gravity is a unique game that not everyone will enjoy. This might be one of the factors contributing to its lack of popularity and reputation as among the highly underrated Roblox games.

Experience Gravity

Playing the game itself is a lot of fun, especially when done with others.

Nothing in the game requires the player to be there all the time. It’s one of those games where the player is free to act in any way they like. So make sure to check out this game if you’re looking for a calm one.

2. Dead Silence

Dead Silence

One of the most horrifying Roblox games ever made is called Dead Silence. This will be one of your first games to play if you like horror games. The initial Dead Silence is the main inspiration for the game. A Roblox game, the game astounds many players.

3. Entry Point

The gameplay of Entry Point is captivating, and the game is gorgeous but undervalued. Without a doubt, the game offers some of the most amazing stories among all Roblox games.

Entry Point

This is only one of the game’s many standout elements. The majority of the game is made up of different episodes. The distinct plots of each episode contribute to the game’s appeal.

4. Zombie Blitz

Unusual spacecraft collide with a rainforest. Blitz Research Inc.’s researchers will soon comprehend the fear it entails as they solve its enigma.

After a near-fatal accident, the survivors need to exit the building by a different path. The opening scene shows a beginner on a mountain while the camera pans down.

Zombie Blitz

The newbie immediately covers their face when they see a strange spaceship falling to Earth a short while later. A crashed spacecraft in the middle of the woods is visible in the pan

5. Journey to the Sun

The athletics and adventure Roblox game Trip to the Sun is set in the domain of Sun, a high-altitude area dotted with drifting islands, each of which has its own past.

Journey to the Sun

As the Angel’s Chosen, the player must first gather Sacred Flames to power the Dying Sun and fend off the Dark One, Sid.

6. Recoil

The first-person shooter game Recoil was made by Bad Skeleton. The game features a number of gameplay modes, weaponry, killstreaks, bonuses, and skins.


With a variety of add-ons, camos, labels, and pendants, you may customize your weaponry. It’s an exciting, fast-moving movie.

7. Stop it! Slender

Hold it! Another underrated Roblox game is Slender. The game, as its name suggests, draws heavily from previous compact games. So, if you like the Slender series, we highly recommend that you play this game.

Stop it! Slender

The objective of the game is the same as it has been in every other Slender game; the player must turn on all three generators and collect all eight papers.

8. Ballista

Not to mention, Ballista is a contemporary army game where two teams will battle for goals. The game has a large selection of historical armor and weapons, and a new “DeathValley” area was only just introduced.


The exciting thing is that users can try out classes like warriors, at-arms, and archery. Each serves a crucial purpose, such as vanguard, protective, or ranged damage.

9. Greenville

A role-playing game called Greenville is situated in the Wisconsin town of the same name. You can work as a police officer, an EMS provider, or in a number of different occupations.


There are close to 400 vehicles available, some of which need game passes. You can earn money by working or driving.

10. Polybattle

In the military-style game Polybattle, you have to take control points while avoiding enemy strikes.


Each class has a different set of abilities that may be unlocked either through leveling up or paying money. There are also numerous vehicles, such as tanks, helicopters, boats, and trucks.


Millions of games are presently listed on Roblox, as was already described before. In addition, the platform is still in use, with many gamers continuing to play all of the games while others take pleasure in developing ever-newer games. On Roblox, users can play a variety of games, including racing games, tycoon games, and simulator games.

What best underrated Roblox games :

1. Experience Gravity
2. Dead Silence
3. Entry Point
4. Zombie Blitz
5. Journey to the Sun
6. Recoil
7. Stop it! Slender
8. Ballista
9. Greenville
10. Polybattle

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