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Whenever you check the audio subsystem discord, you come across various options like standard, legacy, or experimental. However, everyone knows what goes into it. In this article, we will put out what it is like to learn about this legacy app and its audio subsystem discord.

In the audio subsystem discord, the standard comes at a low setting, while the legacy on it is a bit high. With experimental, as the name suggests, you can choose your own settings as needed.

If you are having problems with its audio subsystem, here are some steps you can try to get things in line.

Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord

Mic issues happen to all of us. We never pay attention to sound issues when trying to relax while playing games on the app. If your dislike behaves, here are some quick steps you can follow.

  • If no one can hear your dispute, you need to restart and restart. So, go ahead and restart the device. As the discord returns, you need to reset the voice settings. You can find the same in Pathway User Settings> Voice and Video
  • Now, check if the sound is audible. If you are not heard, you need to set up an input device and make a list of the devices you are using.
  • Make sure you also enable full access to the OS for an external device.
  • Discord Audio Subsystem | Legacy Audio (updated)

Can’t Hear People in Discord: External Microphone Issues

Aside from the above audio subsystem disorder issues, one can also see that there are some external microphone problems that can prevent sounds from reaching others.

If you can’t hear the others, try and make sure your USB / 3.5 .. mm voice input jack is securely connected to the computer. You can also try different ports to check the same.

  • Next, check and see if the hardware is engaged on the mute device.
  • Additionally, you need to make sure that you have all the latest software and drivers downloaded to your device.
  • Test if using push to talk as opposed to “voice activity” helps make a difference.

Discord Audio Not Working: Check Out Another Solution Here

If you still see an error in your Discord app and other people in Discord can’t hear, don’t worry! With this next step, one can ensure that your Discord audio subsystem is fully functional.

  • Go to your app’s User Settings> Voice & Video>> Ensure quality of service High Packet Priority “or
  • You can go to User Settings> Voice and Video> Audio Subsystem. Now, select the option called “Inheritance”.
  • Another way is to plug the headset into different ports and run the Discord application as an admin.

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